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New Site Design!

How long have I been keeping my hand off the design of my site? I think it’s been a good couple of months, but it’s time for the next version! I’ve been working on it with a designer for the past couple of days, and it’s nicely coming together. I’ve been dying to do something […]

My First Camshow!

There have been a lot of firsts lately and I always get so excited about them! Today is going to be my first live camshow and tomorrow will be my second. My first camshow is going to start in about 8 hours because I’m trying to accommodate all my new American members! I was supposed […]

Cumshots & Facials

Now that I have so many more members I’ve noticed my bandwidth usage has gone through the roof. Other than transferring my videos onto my new server I had to do some research on what I can do to fix the situation. So now, 2 hours and a billion copy-pastes later my members area is […]

My New Apartment + New Stuff!

I’ve been updating my site with a lot of older sexy footage. In a way, I’m getting rid of my old life and getting started anew. The reason I haven’t done diary updates yet is that I finally found a new apartment and it’s a lot of work settling back in! Things don’t always go […]

Hot Site Updates + My Pussy’s Wild Adventure!

Site news first, then funny story after. My first two live camshows had an okay turnout but I hope for more next weekend. I hope all of you guys will get into my member’s area by next weekend so you can watch me live! Here’s a picture from tomorrow’s shaving photos: Yesterday after I got […]

Anna Sucks In High Quality

Guess what? My cat knocked over my old crappy camera and now I’m getting a nice Canon 400D digital SLR. That means that my photos will be sharp and clear and I’m sooooo excited! It should be coming in a couple days and then I’ll have the sexiest pictures ever for all of my members. […]

My First EVER Post On My New site!!!

I wrote my first entry saying “Yay! I finally got this blog thing working!” and tried to post it… and got an error. Oops. Well I guess this is my first official diary entry on my shiny new website. Only took me 5 failures and 6 hours to figure out how to do this. I […]

Videos, videos videos…

In the past few days I’ve had my throat fucked, I’ve had 9 inches of cock up my ass and I’ve smeared shaving foam all over my body. So I guess I could say it’s been a really succesfull week for me, hehe. Oh, and I finally got the papers back from the Legalisation Office […]

I Love Porn!

You may surprised but I have a HUGE porn collection. I’ve never taken two cocks on film but I like to wathci it. I’ve got like 5 days worth of porn on my hard drive, not my films might I add. When it comes to porn my taste is quite… unusual. Sometimes I like really […]

I Got Blown!

Although I’m an expert in “blowing”, I’m never been good at girly things like doing my hair. I always get distracted, like in this set. Hot air feels so good between my legs instead of on my head. This set of pics is really different from what I’m used to. I’m no classy girl by […]

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