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New Site Design!

How long have I been keeping my hand off the design of my site? I think it’s been a good couple of months, but it’s time for the next version! I’ve been working on it with a designer for the past couple of days, and it’s nicely coming together. I’ve been dying to do something […]

My First Camshow!

There have been a lot of firsts lately and I always get so excited about them! Today is going to be my first live camshow and tomorrow will be my second. My first camshow is going to start in about 8 hours because I’m trying to accommodate all my new American members! I was supposed […]

Cumshots & Facials

Now that I have so many more members I’ve noticed my bandwidth usage has gone through the roof. Other than transferring my videos onto my new server I had to do some research on what I can do to fix the situation. So now, 2 hours and a billion copy-pastes later my members area is […]

My New Apartment + New Stuff!

I’ve been updating my site with a lot of older sexy footage. In a way, I’m getting rid of my old life and getting started anew. The reason I haven’t done diary updates yet is that I finally found a new apartment and it’s a lot of work settling back in! Things don’t always go […]

Hot Site Updates + My Pussy’s Wild Adventure!

Site news first, then funny story after. My first two live camshows had an okay turnout but I hope for more next weekend. I hope all of you guys will get into my member’s area by next weekend so you can watch me live! Here’s a picture from tomorrow’s shaving photos: Yesterday after I got […]

Anna Sucks In High Quality

Guess what? My cat knocked over my old crappy camera and now I’m getting a nice Canon 400D digital SLR. That means that my photos will be sharp and clear and I’m sooooo excited! It should be coming in a couple days and then I’ll have the sexiest pictures ever for all of my members. […]

My First EVER Post On My New site!!!

I wrote my first entry saying “Yay! I finally got this blog thing working!” and tried to post it… and got an error. Oops. Well I guess this is my first official diary entry on my shiny new website. Only took me 5 failures and 6 hours to figure out how to do this. I […]

Videos, videos videos…

In the past few days I’ve had my throat fucked, I’ve had 9 inches of cock up my ass and I’ve smeared shaving foam all over my body. So I guess I could say it’s been a really succesfull week for me, hehe. Oh, and I finally got the papers back from the Legalisation Office […]

I Love Porn!

You may surprised but I have a HUGE porn collection. I’ve never taken two cocks on film but I like to wathci it. I’ve got like 5 days worth of porn on my hard drive, not my films might I add. When it comes to porn my taste is quite… unusual. Sometimes I like really […]

Busy & Very Hot!

I might pop some more new stuff in my member’s area tonight, as I will be very very busy the next few days. I have to go into town and do all sorts of boring and official errands. I also want to buy a new bed because mine got way too much use… hehe. There’s […]

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