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Courtney does all she can to make this amateur video scene work!

a lucky stranger – We picked up Courtney’s amateur stranger outside of Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant. The joint was packed – it was somebody’s lucky day. Courtney’s one request was that he doesn’t smell. I sniffed Harley down and he smelled pretty ok to me so I told him to hop in my car. Courtney […]

Heal Me Hj

Nurses give the best handjobs – that’s just a fact. I don’t know what it is about that uniform but it turns girls into perfect strokers. This sexy nurse with dark hair gives a perfect POV bj that’s well worth seeing. She goes nuts on the man meat until the dude busts nuts all over […]

European slut gets cummed on

Want to watch a HIGHLY orgasmic whore? Check out Natasha. If this young babe isn’t moaning or screaming or making the fuck me faces, she’s not having a good time. The fact is it’s so easy to get her off that almost any dude can do it. Suck is the case here, where Natasha starts […]

Paddle that ass

A hard spanking through stockings is all it takes to turn a slut into a housewife. This woman won’t ever cheat on her husband again after the bright red asscheeks she gets here. This is the perfect remedy for cheating sluts, don’t u think? More: continued here

Chubby Butt Bukkake part one

Click image to play trailer Whoa!!!… what do we have here? 2 BIG butts no less! Actually these two chicks are pretty chunky all over and have a chubby appetite for fresh guy goo. Watch these bigger ladies drain cocks dry into their willing mouths and faces. Destiny even spreads her rump cheeks wide, fingers […]

starla & devine’s facial

Starla and Devine are two girls that are likely to take you to a higher place. They know how to work the camera as well as each other’s pussies quite well. These girls aren’t alone, though. They have a boner to share between them and both compete for it. This makes the clip that much […]

Toy fucking lesson

Japanese lady gets a serious lesson in sex after class commences. She’s at home in her backyard with a mystery guy. Last time this happened she learned how to give him an great suckjob. Now he’s returning the favor by taking a thick green dildo to her unshaven twat. It has a tiny vibrator extension […]

Indian Jewel Hj

Sahara… a lovely Indian lady that always had a smile on her face. This is her 1st boy/girl hc movie so she required a lil guidence on handjobs but picked it up very quickly. All HANDJOB in this vid and nothing else, other than Sahara’s lovely face and beautiful cleavage. Play The Free Handjob TrailerMore: […]

disgraceful monday: bossy slut

Jimbo’s Story: both these bitches r hot. blondy takes control while the other skank just lay back n take it. blondy spreads the other hos legs n then plays with her no-no while the dudes surround her. jerk jerk jerk, man goo jizz jizz. you kno how it goes, rite? blondy strokes some boner two […]

autumn & haley’s facial

Two yummy 18+ girls in slutty Catholic school uniforms are ready to share a boner. They’re blonde and fun, 2 characteristics that always make for a great movie. These kinky girls play nasty in their outfits – really, really filthy. They suck a wang together and get penetrated, too. These girls are even hotter because […]

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