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Busy & Very Hot!

I might pop some more new stuff in my member’s area tonight, as I will be very very busy the next few days. I have to go into town and do all sorts of boring and official errands. I also want to buy a new bed because mine got way too much use… hehe. There’s […]

Behind The Scenes

You wouldn’t believe how much stuff was on there, and how much of it I had completely forgotten about. I’ve never had an attic in any of the houses I’ve lived in, but I can imagine cleaning up a full 160G external hard drive is pretty much like cleaning up an attic – full of […]

disgraceful monday: distraught

Jimbo’s Story: JIMBO learned himself a new word 2day – DISTRAUGHT. thats wut this slut looks like this hole fukin time as if she got sum huge regrets cummin but she jus keeps swallowin the shit n swallowin her guilt two. daddys a pastor she told us – he aint gunna b happy once he […]

disgraceful monday: lezzie bukkake

Jimbo’s Story: aint nuthin like seein a butch azz lezzie bitch get converted 2 a little cumslut. well she aint really converted, she just broke n needed two suck n fuck to pay the billz. cunt brought another dyke azz friend and they just lay back n get wuts cummin 2 em – lots of […]

British Babe Rebekah Jordan

Rebekah Jordan is an extremely sexy girl that photographs very well. Today she poses in a shower stall. She starts out completely naked and then gets all wet and soapy. Rebekah loves the feeling of sexy water touching her twat. She gets on the floor of the stall with her legs spread and really starts […]

Push And Pull

An Asian lady that really knows how to work it dominates an older white dude. She makes him beg for her twat and then she brings him in much too close for comfort. Once he starts enjoying the licking process, she pushes him away and makes him beg again. He’s more of a boy than […]

Spanking through stockings

A spanking through stockings is one that’s hard to forget. This chick gets bent over, her skirt hiked up, but her stockings stay on. Her rump gets pounded over and over again by the weight of a fat heavy hand. Does she love it or hate it? Click here to find out. More: continued here

Clair’s Threesome

Sandie’s friend Clair invited her over for a day of fun and debauchery, and of course knowing Sandie she quickly obliged. Clair’s boyfriend was there so that made this day even more fun. Sandie is a natural flirt and she loves having all eyes on her. Well, Clair didn’t mind that one bit – in […]

Balloon Fun Hj

Rose has a fun time with some balloons and Latex gloves. She’s quite a looker and her love of all things fetish will surely keep your attention. She lubes her gloves and strokes a man meat while playing with a bright red balloon. In fact, the lucky bloke gets to guy goo all over her […]

Basement Voyeur Pics

I took these pics in the basement of my flat. It was really risky because it’s open to everyone in the building. With people walking by and the lighting being so poor, these risky pictures came out a little blurry. I did manage to get naked and even do some sucking – I wonder which […]

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