Karina Hart

Today I wanna open link collection for Karina Hart xxx-files. I love her and as I know Karina has great fans community. This post will make Karina’s fans army stronger! Do you love her? Read this post. May be this gorgeous babe is all you need!

karina-hart Short Bio:

Name: Karina Hart
Body Type: Stacked Top Heavy
Bra Size: 34H
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Personal site (official): karinahart.com

Read what one guy wrote about Karina on her personal webpage:

Karina Hart has ruined me for all other women. Her breasts are perfect, and the curve of her hips and ass are absolutely divine. Miss Hart is perfectly proportioned from top to bottom. While your pictures are a good start, this is a woman who should have her likeness immortalized in marble. She is far and away the most incredible model I have ever laid eyes on and definitely a future member of the pantheon of greats.

Links collection:

Official site: karinahart.com
Her videos on: score2go.com, scorehd.com, scoreland.com, scorevideos.com, eboobstore.com, scoreondemand.com

Her DVDs: Hooter Hotel, Hart On, Busty Riding Academy, Karina Hart As You Wish, All-Stacked All Natural (2010), The Best of The Decade 2000-2009 (2010)

Video sample:

Story: When watching his video, you might have a hard time deciding which melons to keep your eyes on, the actual watermelons or the melons that Karina Hart has packed into her sexy red bra. Fuck Gordon Ramsay! Get out of the kitchen, Rachel Ray! Karina Hart’s tits are yummo!

This isn’t exactly a how-to kitchen video (unless you’re talking about "how to pour melon juice all over your tits, lick it off and fuck your pussy), but we think you’ll find it to be very rewarding. It’s very intimate. Karina’s tits look so juicy. Her pussy is very slick and handles the big fuck-toy so nicely. She sticks it in so deeply. Is this proper behavior for a chef? Hey, who ever said Karina’s a chef? But she’ll wrap her tits around your cock and make a very nice sammy.

MOARRR? Go Karinahart.com

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